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The Lucy Guerin Inc. Collection

Lucy Guerin Inc was established in 2002 by choreographer Lucy Guerin AO to develop, create and tour new dance works. Across more than 20 years, the Melbourne-based company has maintained an impressive repertoire of concert-length works, toured extensively in the UK, Europe, Asia and North America and won dozens of awards for its artistic achievements.

The company has also supported the local dance community. It has commissioned new work from emerging and mid-career choreographers, provided residencies and mentorship programmes, hosted development showings and classes and fostered a culture of creative critical dialogue. Many of the country’s best-known choreographers and performance makers have been supported by Lucy Guerin Inc at some point in their career.

Lucy Guerin Inc has a substantial and well-maintained archive of company-related material and material relating to the early career of Lucy Guerin. There are thousands of individual items: everything from photographs, posters, programmes, flyers and tickets to video recordings, technical riders, press clippings and design sketches. It is one of the most substantial dance archives in Australia and a unique research resource.

The LGI Digital Collection

In 2017, Lucy Guerin allowed the Theatre and Dance Platform at the University of Melbourne to create an online open-access digital repository through the University’s Digitised Collections, enabling the preservation and promotion of this fascinating collection. This was the first major dataset acquired by the Theatre and Dance Platform and remains an important test case for the development of institutional repositories for the digital preservation of performing arts collections and the integration of these collections with other performing arts-related research platforms.

The Theatre and Dance Platform continues to accept new material, such as ‘born-digital’ artefacts of film or photographs, from Lucy Guerin Inc, as well as older material that has been newly digitised. Currently, there are more than 60 performance videos, more than 60 rehearsal videos, more than 220 press reviews of performances, more than 120 show programs and more than 100 photographic sets comprising thousands of images.

What does the LGI Digital Collection contain?

Individual assets in the collection are categorised according to the performance or performances to which they relate. To begin exploring the collection, select a work from the list below and click through the link. (The date of the premiere is in brackets.) This will take you to a list of performances of that production. Select a performance and click through the link. This will take you to a brief description of the performance. To browse a range of digital assets associated with the performance, click through the “items” link in the panel on the left. You can also explore the collection by resource type, author (using artists’ names), date and subject using the index in panel on the right.


Split (2017), Attractor (2017), The Dark Chorus (2016), I'm Trying to Tell You (2015), Macbeth (2015), Microclimate (2015), Motion Picture (2015), Conversation Piece (2012), Weather (2012), Human Interest Story (2011), Untrained (2009), Corridor (2008), Structure and Sadness (2006), Aether (2005), Love Me (2005), Plasticine Park (2003), The Ends of Things (2003), Melt (2002)


25 Songs on 25 Lines (1998), Heavy (1998), Robbery Waitress on Bali (1998), Two Lies (1996), Venus Bay (1996), Practice (1995), Ghost in Bloom (1994), Solemn Pink (1993), Eight solos by Sara Rudner (1992), In Endless Description (1991), Irresistible Divide (1990), Tere O'Connor Works (1990), Dance Works (1988), Dance Exchange (1983-1989) Early Performances and Works (1983-1999)

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