The Theatre and Dance Platform (TDP) is a leading Australian digital repository which houses and showcases a wide range of theatre and dance collections. It aims to acknowledge and provide access to many important facets of Australian theatre and dance history, including the stories of key individuals, companies and institutions.

The TDP hosts a range of digitised material related to the performing arts, including photographs, scenic and costume designs, video recordings, posters and textual material such as programmes, reviews and correspondence and is easily searchable by key words and standard catalogue terms.

By contributing to preservation and online management of Australian theatre and dance materials, the University is supporting engagement with a wider public and research community. All the content in the collections is aggregated through Trove, the National Library of Australia’s search engine, and with AusStage, a database of Australian live performing arts. This provides researchers with access to the collections from different entry-points, as well as adding to the context in which the Theatre and Dance Platform informs and shapes Australia’s cultural heritage.

Key collections include items in the University archives and collections, as well as content that belongs to artists and companies external to the University. We have been excited by our first major partnership with Lucy Guerin Inc. and as a digital repository we welcome further contributions.

The establishment of the digital repository has been led by Professor Rachel Fensham and Andrew Fuhrmann with support from Jane Miller and Andrew Veal in the University Library. We have been assisted with data entry by Gillian Butcher and other volunteers in this early phase.

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