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    Copyright: University of Melbourne. 2014.0038.0001; early drafts of intention, synopsis, and Chapter 2 (Mind) for The Female Eunuch, additional notes and clippings. Includes:
    draft of synopsis, 3 foolscap pages, typescript with emendations and additions in Greer's hand; (different) draft of synopsis, possibly of an earlier date than the typescript, 4 foolscap pages, holograph; statement of intention dated 21 April 1969, 2 pages, quarto, holograph; clippings from The Times, 7 July 1969, 13 July 1969, with 14 foolscap sides of notes on women's work, holograph; part of draft of synopsis, 6 small quarto pages, faded photocopy of typescript; notes on lined paper headed TFE with first sentence crossed out ('Women's liberation is dead trendy these days') on the media, Betty Friedan and the National Organisation for Women, Juliet Mitchell, a note for the Family, women in USSR, China and Cuba, 2 pages; notes for 'Revolution' chapter, 1 page, foolscap, holograph; portion of foolscap pad with notes in different pens for various chapters, possibly December 1969, 18 pages; summary, 12 A4 pages, typescript; draft of second chapter on mind, untitled, 76 A4 pages, typescript; quotations from love poetry, English, French and Italian, 2 A4 pages. The order of documents within the file may not represent original or chronological order as the order does not reflect Greer's list of documents on this topic and date compiled before1998. A carbon typescript partial draft of The Female Eunuch was transferred to a new file (now 2014.0038.0002) before the archive was packed in July 2014. Also, one item (notes on lined paper headed TFE with first sentence crossed out) cannot be identified from Greer's list, so may have been added at a later date.

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