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Farrago is the student publication of the University of Melbourne, published by the University of Melbourne Student Union. It is the oldest student publication in Australia. The publication was founded in 1925 by Randal Heymanson, who was the first editor, and Brian Fitzpatrick, who was the first chief of staff. Archives of Farrago are available at the Student Union's Rowden White Library and the University of Melbourne's Baillieu Library.

Noteworthy past editors include Cyril Pearl, Geoffrey Blainey, Amira Gust, Claude Forrell, Ian Robinson, Morag Fraser, Henry Rosenbloom, Garrie Hutchinson, Ross McPherson, Colin Golvan, Lindsay Tanner, Peter Russo, Louise Carbines, Jim Brumby, Pete Steedman, Arnold Zable, Kate Legge, Nicola Gobbo, Cathy Bale, Christos Tsiolkas, and Nam Le.

For several years, Farrago was published in a newspaper or broadsheet format. In the 2000s, Farrago switched to a magazine format, which it continues to use today.

Farrago is a magazine whose content is produced and edited entirely by students, which aims to be a voice, creative outlet and source of information for those who attend the University of Melbourne – irrespective of age, course and interests. Farrago encourages contributions from students in both written and/or visual forms, because without these it would not be an accurate representation of students at the university.

For more information:http://farragomagazine.com/about/

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