Related Dates: 1931
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    Motion Picture Film
    16mm Standard
    Black and white
    Original Reversal
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    Archives Reference: 2020.0010.00027

    1931 Floods at Balpool', 'The Highest Flood Level Record Except 1870'. Una Fraser? Walking by riverside (flooded) with dog. Scenes of trees amongst flooding. Una walking along riverbank with pram- Malcolm Fraser seen in Pram. Men working on land, horse and cart off-loading soil, men shovelling soil. men rolling barrels from carriage. 'July 3rd Plain and DAM Paddocks'- Scenes of the plain and paddocks; men clearing branches and soil in river (creating a dam?). 'July 4th Gale's bank'- man seen pushing wheelbarrow across plain; farmers herding sheep in flooded paddock. 'July 16th Going Down Top Paddock and House', flooded paddock. Men on small steamboat sailing downstream. Family members, including Lorraine and Una Fraser stood with others by flooded creek. Crowd of men aboard small steamboat. 'Crossing at Murgha. The Only Way Out. Fraser family aboard canoes paddling down flooded creek
    NFSA media ID: 589261_0001


    Item: [2020.0010.00027] "[Fraser, Malcolm: Reel No. 45 : Home Movie]"


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