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dc.contributor.authorjanssen, Ms berni m
dc.descriptionberni m janssen is a text artist who works with words in all their forms, printed, spoken, performed. She has a collaborative multidisciplinary practice spanning over thirty-five years, working with composers, performers, visual artists and community members to make word inspired art. She is renowned for her evocative and captivating performances. The passion began with poems, and poems in books: Possessives and Plurals (Fillia Press. 1985); Xstatic (Post Neo. 1988); mangon (Mercurial Editions. 1992) and Lake & Vale (PressPress. 2010). Poems have been published in magazines including Cordite, Heat, Meanjin, Overland, Extra and performed on radio and at festivals around the world. source
melbourne.contributor.authorjanssen, Ms berni m
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