16 Club
    Related Dates: 9 April 1920
    Year of Establishment: 9 April 1920
    Clubs, social and cultural
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    The 16 Club was formed on 9 April 1920 at the Lyceum Club in Melbourne by twelve women who had met as students at the University of Melbourne. The club was named after the year they met in 1916. The 16 Club’s aim was to provide a forum forfemale University of Melbourne students and scholars to share hospitality, ideas and present papers. For instance at the November 1920 meeting Frances Penington did a presentation about ‘Modern Greek Folklore and Ancient Greek Religion’.
    Members at the first meeting included Dorothy Derham, Dorothea Coverlid, Kathleen Syme, Frances Penington, Mardie McCay, Jocelyn McCallum, Olive Dodd, Ethel Lane, Evelyn Naylor, Kathleen Hall, Aileen McCance and (Edith Luke who was absent). During its first year, meetings were held in members home and in February 1921 Jessie Webb president of the Lyceum Club invited the 16 Club to hold its meetings at its establishment. Meetings were held monthly from 1921 until the 12 September 1980 when the club was disbanded.
    Source: Zainuddin, Ailsa. 'Inheriting the 16 Club: Women's Continuing Education 1920-1. History of Education Review, v.19 (2), 1990, pp.48-65

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