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    The Fritz Loewe Collection consists of three series of records which together document Fritz Loewe’s extensive meteorological and glaciological research. They contain a large volume of correspondence, papers, reports, diaries, notes, reference lists, data, graphs, maps, and other assorted records. These series offer testimony to the private life and significant scientific work of Fritz Loewe, particularly his research on Greenland (including his experiences on the Wegener Expedition in 1929-1930) and Antarctica (including his experiences on the Wyatt Earp Expedition in 1947 and the French Scientific Expedition in 1950-1951). The majority of these publications are written in German with several other languages including English represented.
    This series, Publications Collected by Fritz Loewe, comprises a varied set of publications and maps. These records have been grouped into the following categories:
    • Journals, newsletters and magazines (1907-1979) [2019.0022.00001 - 2019.0022.00031] including: Alma Mater Joachimica; Der Alte Joachimsthaler; The Australian Journal of Science; Kriegszeitung der 4ten Armee; Meereskunde; Meteorologische Zeitschrift; Mitteilungsblatt der Ehemaligen Schuelerinned des Schillergymnasiums zu Dortmund; The Science Review; Der Seminarklasse zu Dortmund Abschiedszeitung; and Zeitschrift der Gesellschaft für Erdkunde zu Berlin.
    • Travel guides and hiking maps (1888-1890) [2019.0022.000032 - 2019.0022.00081] including: rare early published guidebooks indexed by Fritz Loewe in a notebook titled ‘Verzeichnis für Karten u. Reiseführer’ [Directory of Maps and Travel Guides, 2019.0022.000032]. This notebook shows Loewe’s careful curation of these records, indexed by categories including type of publication, map scale, region, city and country.
    • Topographical and large scale maps (1885-1960) [2019.0022.000082 - 2019.0022.00111] including: various topographical and large scale maps of different countries; maps of the German Reich.
    • Tourist Ephemera (1929-1974) [2019.0022.00112 - 2019.0022.00177] including: maps, travel guides and tourist information ephemera from various countries and regions acquired by Fritz and Else Loewe on research expeditions, overseas postings and holidays.




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