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    The Fritz Loewe Collection consists of three series of records which together document Fritz Loewe’s extensive meteorological and glaciological research. They contain a large volume of correspondence, papers, reports, diaries, notes, reference lists, data, graphs, maps, and other assorted records. These series offer testimony to the private life and significant scientific work of Fritz Loewe, particularly his research on Greenland (including his experiences on the Wegener Expedition in 1929-1930) and Antarctica (including his experiences on the Wyatt Earp Expedition in 1947 and the French Scientific Expedition in 1950-1951). The majority of these records are written in German.
    This broad series, Research and Unpublished Papers of Fritz Loewe, contains an extensive set of records that document his life’s work in the areas of meteorology and glaciology. Records in this series include papers, reports, diaries, notes, data tables, graphs, reference lists, and transcripts of speeches and lectures. The vast majority of these records are unpublished. A small set of identity papers, certificates and various miscellaneous items is also included.
    The research materials include valuable and unpublished climate, weather and glaciological research notes and data gathered at the beginning of the 20th Century from the ice caps of Greenland and Antarctica. These are important records that may hold valuable evidence of climatic changes relevant to climate change researchers.
    In this series there are also a number of superbly written speeches, lectures and papers by Fritz Loewe who offers insightful reflections on having to leave his home, on moving to Melbourne, on his experience at The University of Melbourne and on a life in meteorology.
    These records have been grouped into the following categories:
    • Fritz Loewe’s Select Published Works (1923-1961) [2019.0021.00001 - 2019.0021.00012] including: published manuscripts, papers, articles and reviews by Fritz Loewe.
    • Fritz Loewe’s Early Years (1893-1916) [2019.0021.00013 - 2019.0021.00024] including: school and university work; personal documents and certificates; and research regarding Turkey and Africa.
    • Greenland (1929-1986) [ 2019.0021.00025 - 2019.0021.00076] Including: Wegener Expedition diaries; papers and lectures regarding Greenland; data collected by Fritz Loewe in Greenland; reports regarding Greenland.
    • Wyatt Earp (1947-1948) [Inventory Items 2019.0021.00077 - 2019.0021.00087] including: Wyatt Earp diaries; papers and lectures regarding Wyatt Earp and the Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition; data collected by Fritz Loewe whilst aboard Wyatt Earp; newspaper clippings, reports and some correspondence regarding Wyatt Earp and the Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition.
    • Antarctica (1929-1977) [2019.0021.00088 - 2019.0021.00178] including: Fritz Loewe’s diaries; papers and lectures regarding Antarctica, Antarctic research, the Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition and the French Commandant Charcot expeditions; data collected by Fritz Loewe in Antarctica; and newspaper clippings, reports and some correspondence regarding Antarctica and Antarctic research.
    • Pakistan (1946-1984) [2019.0021.00179 - 2019.0021.00207] including: papers and correspondence relating to Fritz Loewe’s UNESCO appointment as an Advisor to the Training Institute for Meteorology and Geophysics in Karachi; research notes and other materials compiled during Fritz Loewe’s stay in Pakistan (1958-1959); and the resulting papers on Pakistan, glaciology and meteorology that were published by Fritz Loewe.
    • General/Mixed Research and Papers (1897-2009) [2019.0021.00208 - 2019.0021.00522] including: papers, lectures, reports, diaries, notes, data, graphs, newspaper clippings, reviews, reference lists and other assorted records on multiple research topics such as glaciology, meteorology, Greenland and Antarctica; various personal and family papers; and miscellaneous items such as a Hebrew Scroll.




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