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    In March 1952, the Faculty of Arts considered the distribution of some of the work of the faculty among various specialised committees. The Heads of Departments Committee was appointed to act as the executive of the faculty ' but to be relieved of some of the work, that has previously been referred to it."

    Minutes and papers include references to faculty budgeting, planning, proposals for the establishment of new centres, enrolments, selection, details of courses and subjects and student quotas as they affected specific departments.

    In addition to other tasks, the committee regularly considered and deliberated upon reports from lower level committees reporting to it. This included the Foreing Languages Committee, Library Users Committee, Undergraduate Studies Committee, Continuing Education Committee and Dean's Committee.

    The last minuted meeting of the committee was held on 10th September 1980. The minutes contain no reference to disbandment of the committee, but minutes appear to end at this point.

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