Related Dates: 1948-1955
    Digital Access Status: No digital resource available
    Physical Access Status: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that this item contains disturbing descriptions that may include violence, abuse, genocide, and discussion around the stolen generations.
    Archives Reference: 1987.0162.00054

    Miscellaneous material, much about Aboriginal land rights. Includes: Annual Report 1954-55 for Council for Aboriginal Rights [hand annotated] - includes accounts of police brutality against Aboriginal people [Jimmy Gwiethoona] in WA, the McLeod Settlement at Marble Bar and the sale of Moola Bulla Cattle Station Indigenous settlement in Western Australia; Minutes, 1950, of Social Responsibility Commitee; Article from "United Nations" [Journal], 16 November 1948; "Question in the House of Representatives 9.3.1950"; Draft policy on Economic Conditions, from The Council for Aboriginal Rights [Victoria]; Paper from the Aborigines Christian Fellowship & the Hamilton Aborigines Uplift Society on the reconstitution of the Aborigines Protection Board of Victoria; Resolutions from meeting of New Education Fellowship (Sub-Committee on Aborigines) Victorian Branch, 6 October 1949; List of books on library card; ANZUS 1954 Abstract by Edmund Gill on the "Antiquity of Homo Sapiens in Australia"; Receipt for book, 1955; Press release on the retirement on CSIRO Librarian Miss Archer, 1954. Discussion of the Murimbata tribe living between Daly River and Fitzroy, known by their neighbours as the Murrimwooda (the "no-speaking people").
    KEYWORDS: Police brutality; Protests; Aboriginal settlements; The Aboriginal Rights Council; Native Welfare Association; Women's rights; Westeralian Aborigine [Indigenous newspaper]; McLeod Settlement; Detribablisation; Lake Tyers Station; Tanna [Vanuatu]; Keilor skull [human remains].


    Item: [1987.0162.00054] "Miscellaneous papers, reports & resolutions from disparate organisations associated with Aboriginal issues"


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