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    Oxford University Boat Club was established in 1829 with the sole objective of winning The Boat Race. This annual event against Cambridge University is one of the oldest sporting rivalries and the world s most famous rowing race. The Club s objective remains unchanged since 1829. Like other clubs and societies at Oxford University, OUBC is officially run by the student President who is elected on an annual basis. The President is aided by a number of staff, including a Chief Coach, who is responsible for all aspects of training, coaching and crew selection.

    In 1891, at the instigation of the Oxford University Boat Club, the Old Members of the Oxford and Cambridge University Boat Clubs raised funds by subscription to pay for a perpetual Challenge Cup to be presented to the Universities of Australia for their Annual Competition. The cup was presented to the boat clubs of Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide Universities following the 4 April 1891 Australian University Championships on the Parramatta River Sydney NSW. In the History of Australian Rowing, the author notes: At the dinner after the event, it was announced that Old Blues from Oxford & Cambridge would present a perpetual trophy for this event. It was therefore to be the first contest for the Warre Challenge Cup. The cup was to be so named after Dr Warre, Head Master of Eton College and will be sent out by Mr Halcomb.

    Sources: Guerin-Foster History of Australian Rowing,; OUBC website, Both accessed 30/04/2019

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