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dc.contributor.authorGuerin, Lucy
dc.descriptionPlasticine Park brings together two of Australia's most significant artists for a new visual performance exploring evolution and change through the biological, the cultural and the personal. Eight solo performers enter projected environments created by four visual artists, forming a nexus of the natural and the artificial.
dc.descriptionCredits: Lucy Guerin, Choreographer; Brett Daffy, Dancer; Shona Erskine, Dancer; Sally Gardner, Dancer; Rebecca Hilton, Dancer; Kyle Kremerskothen, Dancer; Stephanie Lake, Dancer; Kirstie McCracken, Dancer; Trevor Patrick, Dancer; Lucy Guerin, Director; Paul Jackson, Lighting Designer; Angharad Wynne-Jones, Producer; Paul Healy, Sound Designer; Stephen Honeger, Visual Artist; Laresa Kosloff, Visual Artist; Patricia Piccinini, Visual Artist; David Rosetzky, Visual Artist; Lucy Guerin, Visual Director; Patricia Piccinini, Visual Director.
dc.subjectContemporary Dance
dc.titlePlasticine Park, ACMI Screen Gallery, Melbourne, VIC, 11 October 2003
melbourne.affiliation.departmentTheatre and Dance Platform
melbourne.affiliation.facultyTheatre and Dance Platform
melbourne.internal.venueACMI Screen Gallery, Melbourne, VIC
melbourne.contributor.authorGuerin, Lucy
melbourne.description.notesWork: Plasticine Park
melbourne.accessrightsNo attached file available

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