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dc.contributor.authorGuerin, Lucy
dc.descriptionIncarnadine explores the meeting of two contrasting elements and their attempts to absorb or repel each other. A rigorous unison duet and a cloying, yielding trio represent different approaches to dealing with emotion and relationships and how these boundaries are maintained or overstepped.
dc.descriptionTwo Lies examines the paradox of memory and how experiences are stored and revised by subsequent events. The work explored concepts of duality, with the three dancers performing the same work twice.
dc.descriptionCredits: Lucy Guerin, Choreographer; Lucy Guerin, Rebecca Hilton, Ros Warby, Amy O'Brien, Sarah Perron. Dancers; Margie Medlin, Lighting Designer; James Lo, Sound Designer; Lucy Guerin, Costume Designer; David Chesworth, Composer (Two Lies only).
dc.subjectContemporary Dance
dc.titleIncarnadine and Two Lies, LantarenVenster, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 1997
melbourne.affiliation.departmentTheatre and Dance Platform: engaging with Australian performing arts collections
melbourne.affiliation.facultyTheatre and Dance Platform: engaging with Australian performing arts collections
melbourne.internal.venueLantarenVenster, Rotterdam, Netherlands
melbourne.contributor.authorGuerin, Lucy
melbourne.description.notesWork: Incarnadine
melbourne.description.notesWork: Two Lies
melbourne.accessrightsNo attached file available

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