The E J (Ernest John) Moeran Collection consists of 41 music manuscripts and 65 published works. The manuscripts are available in digital form. The published works are available for consultation in the Lenton Parr Library Music, Visual and Performing Arts Library's Special Collection, Southbank Campus, University of Melbourne.

E J Moeran was a British composer (1894-1950). The manuscripts of E J Moeran held at the Lenton Parr is a significant collection of this composer’s work.

This collection is unique in its provenance as Moeran did not visit Australia. Following Moeran’s death the manuscripts travelled to Australia with his wife Peers Coetmore (1905-1976), who was cello lecturer at the Victorian College of the Arts. Upon her death she left Moeran’s manuscripts to the Lenton Parr Library.

Further library resources, including the published works are available: Lenton Parr Library Collection