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dc.contributor.authorInfrastructure Services
dc.descriptionPDF file
dc.descriptionThis collection contains architectural drawings for University of Melbourne buildings on the Parkville campus including floor plans, construction drawings, sections and elevations. The drawings can be downloaded and consist of AutoCAD .dwg, .cal, .gp4, tiff and PDF formats. You can search for a drawing by building number, description and/or year of the drawing.
dc.descriptionInstructions to view .TIF, .CAL and .GP4 files using Autocad program. Open your Autocad program and go to 'insert' on the menu bar and then go to 'raster image reference' you will then be able to browse for the .GP4 or .CAL file. Make sure the scale is set to 1 (you will need to uncheck the 'specify on screen' box here) then click ok. Click on the location where you want to place the image and that's it. You can now view and scale the image and print it out from Autocad.
dc.formatPDF file
dc.subjectArchitectural Drawing
dc.titleBuilding 113, Baldwin Spencer Building: Existing Floor Plan
dc.typeArchitectural Drawing
melbourne.affiliationThe University of Melbourne
melbourne.affiliation.departmentInfrastructure Services
melbourne.affiliation.departmentUniversity of Melbourne Buildings Architectural Drawings: Parkville Campus
melbourne.affiliation.facultyHistory of the University of Melbourne
melbourne.contributor.authorInfrastructure Services
melbourne.accessrightsOnly available to University of Melbourne staff and students, login required

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