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The Education Gazette, South Australia consists of 96 volumes published between 1885 and 1980.

Between 1893 and 1959, the January issue contained an official list of schools and their staff. This list was issued as supplement to the June 1960 and the May 1961 issues. Between 1962 and 1970 it was published as a separate title “Official list of schools”. These lists included average attendance, numbers of students examined and teachers (their position, personal classification and salary allowances). Notices about teacher appointments, promotions, births of children, deaths, marriages, retirements and resignations were occasionally published. Examination results, recipients of scholarships and bursaries as well as exhibitions were made public via the gazettes, for teachers and parents.

The Education Gazette, South Australia included Volumes 1, no.1 and 2 (January and March 1885) to Volume 88, no.1024 (December 1972); then restarted at Volume 1, no.1 (7 Feb. 1973) to Volume 8, no.36 (12 Dec.1980).

The digitised collection includes Volume 72, no.834 to Volume 88, no.1024 (1956-1972) and Volume 1, no. 1 to Volume 15, no. 26 (1973-1987). However, Volumes 4,5 and 6 (1976-1978) were not available and are not included in this collection.

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