The Trainee [Training College, later the Melbourne Teachers’ College. Melbourne, Victoria]

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The Trainee was the official student magazine of the Training College, Melbourne and later the Melbourne Teachers’ College. It started in March 1903 as a four-page news sheet and appeared monthly. It re-emerged in 1907 as a much larger journal with three to four issues annually. The Trainee included letters from students, poems, short stories and reports on sports such as athletics, tennis, swimming, football and cricket. It also contained reports from student societies such as the Christian Union and Old Trainees Association. With the arrival of The Griffin in 1929, The Trainee became an annual publication.

The digitised collection includes the following volumes (first published by the Training College, Melbourne): Volumes 2-10 (1908-1916); volumes 12-22 (1918-1928); volumes 24-44 (1930 -1950). Volume 1 (1907), Volume 11 (1917), and Volume 23 (1929) are unfortunately missing from the collection. The issues for 1951-1972 (published by the Melbourne Teachers’ College) were also digitised.

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